Sunday, May 13, 2012

#photoadayMay : Day 13

Day 13 ~ Mom

Today is mother's day. Though it is good concept, but why should there just be one day to tell your mother that they are best in the world or tell them that you love them or make them feel special. But do we do it ?? We don't and hence they are all these special days so that we can, at-least, on that day make them feel special and tell them we love them and how much they mean to us. 
My mother is a real source of inspiration for me she is the most calmest and wonderful person I have known. She has a solution for every problem. Just on hearing her voice all the problems, confusions go away and everything becomes so clear. I love you Ma, Amma, Mom, Mummy, Mumma !!

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Beyond Horizon said...

Sweetest :D

P.S. Thank you for suggesting this photo challenge,but its too tough to take it...couldnt stick to it each day