Tuesday, May 01, 2012

April - A photo a day -- Day 25-30

I wanted to finish this in April itself but I missed it, but still I am going to finish this, closing out on the days that I missed out

Day 25 ~ Looking down

Maximum times when I look down I see my feet.

Day 26 ~ Black and White
White over black, simple and plain

Day 27 ~ Somewhere I went
The sin city, Las Vegas (Well I went there last month, but that's the most interesting place I have been to recently :) )

Day 28 ~ 1pm
Little geeky here, 1 pm on the terminal in my ubuntu laptop.

Day 29 ~ Circle
This circle everyone is after for.

Day 30 ~ Something that makes me sad
Being alone


Beyond Horizon said...

Its really long time now I read someones blog, and this time too your a photo a day posts made me happy :)

I would really like to take such delightful topic!

P.S. A muffin and coffee for lunch!! ;) :D

Swats said...

@Beyond Horizon,
Thanks !! Good to know I can make someone smile :)

These a photo a day challenges are good fun, if you would want to join, read the post May Photo Challenge