Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Finishing something and starting something.

Finally I managed to finish my April a photo a day challenge. When I started it I resolved to myself that I will not be late and will try to be very very honest and not lazy about it. But as the month went on, I become just that lazy. :( Yeah I do regret it. So I am all set to prove myself again, by taking up the May a photo a day challenge :D

I don't know why I have become such a sucker for these a photo a day challenges.  Maybe cause they are so much fun. It gives each day a target, makes you be on your toe each moment of the day trying to capture the best pick of the day's theme. It gives you something to look forward to each day. And gives you a break from thinking about work all the time to. Completing each day challenge gives a sense of achievement, though small but still achievements they are, a sense of pride when someone appreciates it.

There might be more reasons and to some the reasons I have given might not be true. But yet they are reasons nonetheless for these challenges. I found so many good bloggers through this challenge, each with their own way of thinking, each with their own interpretation and their own outlook to the day's theme.

I am sleepy now, logging off now. But I'll be back with the May's Challenge soon :D.

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