Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Believe me !!

If there are rains, my hands will cover you. If there are storms hold my hands and I will take you away. If there are hurdles hold my hand and I'll help you cross them.
If I hold your hand will you believe me when I say that I will walk on all the roads with you forever. If I hug you will you believe me when I say that I will stand by you whatever life may give us. If I tell you that you can cross all the hurdles will you trust me and do it. If you are weak I'll give you my strength. If you are lost I'll find you the way. If you are sad I'll give you my happiness. If you cry, I'll wipe your tears. If you are alone I'll stand by with you. If you are happy I'll laugh with you.
I Love You I really do !! But do you know that, do you really believe that I do. Please believe me. If you don't believe me then I am nothing. 

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Richa Sharma said...

Oh yes... we give all and more in return; only if they believe!!

Beautiful swats..