Thursday, August 18, 2011


They say that change is always good...but is it really ? I have a mixed opinion on it. I think it is very subjective to what the change is exactly and who is on the receiving side of it. If the change suits us then it holds true and it is "isme kuch accha hi hoga", if not then "isme kya accha ho sakta hai ?" If it is not me who is at the receiving end of the change then the response is always "Jo hota hai accha ke liye hota hai".
My mother strongly believed in this quote. And to a certain extend I have tried to learn that from her. But still at many times I get irritated and say "isme kya accha ho sakta hai". I have always got the answer to this but after a good patient wait. Something in me has changed drastically and I am still trying to figure it out. But there is so much changing around me, that I am sometimes in a lost state of mind. I keep telling myself that it is for the good and people around me are telling me that too. But that small little thing in my head still pops up the question that "Is it really good ? ". I hope I figure it out soon, cause I am running out of patience as well.