Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Thought 1: Oh I need to finish that project task list.
Thought 2: Shit I forgot to keep something sweet for his lunch.
Thought 3: Damn there is nothing at home to make salad for tomorrow.
(Checking mail at the same time, seeing a mail)
Thought 4: Oh no, I totally forgot about doing this.I'll do this right away before I forget again.
Thought 5: But I am in the middle of a bug fix.
(Intermission by some one coming)
Person : This is not working, please check this.
(And the person stands on the top to see that I do it right away)
Thought 6: Shit, there goes my bug fix.
Thought 7: Oh God time for going home, I don't want to make it late again.
Me: I'll check and let you know.
Person: Okay.
Me get back to bug fixing. Checking mail a new bug has been put.
Thought 8: Oh Shit, I said I'll look into it, why a bug !!

Thought 9: And I am late again today. There is so much left, what am I going to do !!
Thought 10: Get Lost everybody can just hang themselves. Everything can wait, I am going home.
Thought 11: Oh Shit I was supposed to call didi and I forgot, she'll understand.
Thought 12: And Ma had called I was supposed to call back. I'll call later, she'll also understand.
(sign out...........)

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Richa Sharma said...

tch tch...
Swats!! a hug from my side for balancing so many thoughts all at the same time.

And darling, I am sure, you ll manage it all :)