Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#photoadayjune : Day 17

Day 17 ~ In my bag

I am a freak when it comes to cleanliness. I always have a small bottle of hand sanitizer in my bag ( and also in big one at home, one in the car, one in my office locker and another small one in my bedroom night table drawer). I use it all the time when I am out of the house, when I am in the house. This one time was the height when me and HR went to this not so great looking place to eat and I was so freaked about the plates etc not being cleaned that I cleaned the plates, spoon  and glasses that we used with hand sanitizer before. I can forget anything but not the hand sanitizer. When you use it in public, people give you the kind of stare which says, "Yeah right, who does she think she is anyways". But what the hell I am a freak about keeping my hands clean. 

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