Monday, April 16, 2012

April - A photo a day -- Day 14 and 15

Again putting 2 days together.

Day 14 ~ How I feel today

Missing someone, HR

I didn't blog about this, but HR and me had gone to US for 3 weeks. No we are not that rich to take such vacations. HR was going on work I just decided to tag along. He was supposed to stay there for a month, so when I came back after 3 weeks it was a matter of just another week before he came back. But as luck would have it the day I landed back in India HR was told to stay there for some more time. So I was to stay here without him for little over 3 weeks. He is coming back this weekend. All these days have gone by, but as his return date approach I am missing him more and more.

Day 15 ~ Sunset

I am cheating here, this picture was taken by me some days ago, but I couldn't get a better sunset than this. So am I forgiven for cheating :P.

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