Tuesday, February 07, 2012


6:35pm : Slowly geting out of the lift, feet dragging and the weight of the laptop bag feeling like a ton.

7:15pm : After picking dried clothes from the balcony, freshening up, changing into house clothes and tidying up the bedroom. Look at the phone, no missed call, no message (hmmm, sigh)

7:35pm : Call HR, the conversation goes like
               me  : "Hi"
               HR  : "Yeah"
               me  : "What do you want to eat for dinner ?"
               HR  : "Make anything that u feel like"
               me  : "I don't feel like making anything"
               HR  : "Make whatever you feel like, I am in office, can't talk about all this here like this"
               me  : (sigh) "okay. bubye"
               HR  : "I'll leave in another 15 mins"
               me  : "okay" (sigh...)

7:45   : Check out the refrigerator, looking what to cook.

8:00   : Finally decided what to cook, in the kitchen, cooking.

8:30   : Phone rings, HR calling
               me  : (picking phone the up)  "Haanjee"
               HR  : "I am leaving in 5 mins"
               (me thinking finally 15 mins are going to be over )
               me  : "Okay, please get bread on the way back."
               HR  : "Okay"

8:40   : Watching something stupid on tv.

9:00   : Finally in the kitchen to make roti's.

9:20   : Last roti made. Knock on the door. HR is home.
               me  : "Good timing, I have just made roti's" (Smilling)
               HR  : "Good ! Let's eat, I have a call at 10"
               (me feeling like killing someone)
               me  : "okay, change and freshen up. I'll serve in 2 minutes"

9:30   : Eating food. Clearing the dishes.
               me  : "Don't sit here. " (in the Living room). I have put everything in the bedroom, take your call from there."
               (HR helping in clearing the dishes with me)
               HR   : "Okay"

10:00  : HR, logs on the laptop, call not started yet. Me also switched on my laptop, what else to do.

10:30  : Call parents, mine and HR's. Both set worried, why am I talking so softly, me explaining, HR is on call.

11:20  :  After yawning for one hour....
               me  : "I am sleeping, please finish off your early and sleep"
               HR  : "yeah"


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