Thursday, September 09, 2010

Dance as no one is watching...

"Dance like no one is watching, 
 love like you'll never be hurt,
 sing like no one is listening,
 and live like it's heaven on earth."
- William Purkey

All the time in our life we keep wishing, thinking and longing for things that 
we do not have. We look forward for a time and when the time comes we 
look forward for something else. We keep on thinking that the life will would 
be better and happier if we have a better job, more money, a bigger car, a 
nice house and the list is endless. But in all this wishing, thinking and 
wanting we loose what we will never again get, the present. And we might 
wish to re-live what we had before and we cannot, but when we did have 
it, did we really enjoy it ? Did we live that moment, that time up ? 
After the present is gone no one can get it back. No one what is going to 
happen in the next second also, so why not live and make the best of the 
present one ?

I am a big cribber, whenever I crib to my mom, she always tells me "Don't 
say like that. You don't know what moment God would grant you what you 
are wishing for. Instead of thinking about what you don't have, think about 
what you have and enjoy it. There is no happiness anywhere, we have to 
create it form within ourself."

I accept I don't listen and follow what she says very often myself, but I try
to whenever I can. And when we feel happy about the smallest of things 
also, life seems easier to live and all problems seem small.

Ending with a random quote I read somewhere " Happiness is a journey,
not a destination ", let it be your thought for the day.

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