Friday, July 30, 2010

The long tunnel...

Wherever I looked you were there, you were in every person I saw, I met.
Whenever I cried I knew I had your shoulder,
Whenever I was sad, I knew you were there to make my laugh,
Whenever I had to cross the dark dense jungle, you were there to hold my hand.
You were there to take me home, when I lost my way.
You were the light when my way was dark.

Now when I cry I will not have your shoulder, I try to call you from my
heart, but I can't find it, you have taken it away with you. 
There is just an emptiness which you have left behind. 

Now I stand in this long dark tunnel, and I look back, I don't see you.
And ahead lies the lonely journey through this long dark tunnel, which I don't see the end of.
But I just wish you were there beside me to hold my hand
and tell me that we'll make it through.

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