Friday, April 27, 2007

Will it change !!!!

Born and bred in UP but never felt this way about the living in Noida for the the past 4 months is making me feel....go on the roads and you will not feel like walking....irrespective of the fact that you love wont feel like driving..even though you love driving...The roads, if you can them so are so full of ups and downs that you don't have to go to an amusement park for that bumper ride.....And there is an eternal traffic jam at all the places all the time......Anyways I use rikshas (that's the main mode of transport, of-course next to buses here), as they are called, to commutate....and I must say these people think they are driving a Harley Davidson or something with all the zig-zagging and zooming that they do...and of-course traffic signals and rules aren't for them..uh uh...asking them to follow them would be like a big insult to them.....and the attitude they throw is like as if they own the world....all the common man, for that matter anyone, can do is just crib and crib...cause nothing is gonna get caught driving without a seatbelt or talking on the mobile....all you have to do is just give the police wala a 100 Rs note and he would have temporary amnesia and wouldn't remember you doing anything wrong...
Maybe I am being a little to strict on this place...this the situation everywhere...but little more prominent here.....but then again am I being little too strict I don't think so....It's always been like this....and will remain so......never change....but then still you can't help questioning Will it change ...??

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