Thursday, July 27, 2006

Random Thoughts

Another weekend over, and what did I do, nothing worthwhile. That is if you don't count thinking, can anyone get bored of thinking, don't think so. Thought about all my 6 years here in Chennai. Of all the people I have met here, all the people I have lost here. All what has happend over these years. All the masti/freaking out I have done here. All the fun I've had here. The friends I found, the love I lost more than once. hmmm Chennai has given me so much but taken away even what I had. Don't remember anytime when I haven't cribbed about Chennai. But whatever said and done I'll miss it when I leave. Miss the freedom, independence I have here. Can I dare to stay out late in the night somewhere else ? Can I dare to go for a night show ? Can I dare to walk in those lonely streets alone late. ? Can I dare to go alone anywhere ? Can I dare to live alone ? Have been pretty daring here I must say. hehe. Can't believe have been here for 6 years now, almost like a second home now. Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy !! But trust me feels much longer. seems like have been here for ages. Have formed a comfort zone here. Shiver to think that I would soon have to leave it here to enter into the danger zone. Would have to start again, make new friends, get used to the new surroundings, get used to having new people around me, get used to unfamiliar faces. The worst leave my comfort zone here. People in office say that they want to stay away from home, want to live alone. Little they know how difficult it is. So many times I wonder how would it have been if I was living with my parents. Ma would pack my lunch for me, ask how my day was when I come back home from work. How would it be to have a daily dinner conversation with my parents about the day's events. But thinking and wondering is all I can do. After leaving Chennai also I won't be staying with my parents though. Going home once in a while. Off late have been home sick and low pretty often. And a phone call now, from someone who was really close to me before but a stranger now. Haven't seen or spoken to her in a long time now. She said that she was generally missing me today hence called. hmmm and here I was wondering why was I hiccupping so much today..:D
Isi baat pe arz kiya hai,
Hichikiyo se ek baat ka ehsaas hota hai, Ki shayad koi hume yaad karta hai.
Milne na aaye to kya hua, hum par koi aaj bhi chand lamhe barbad karta hai.

Still talking to her. would log off now. wanna talk to her without distraction.


Ramya said...

People in office say that they want to stay away from home, want to live alone. Little they know how difficult it is.

Now u r scaring me... ;)

Bee said...

kya baat hai! vah vah!

Bee said...

keep guessing :-)