Wednesday, October 18, 2006

mind blank

Just 10 more days, 10 more days and I'll be with my family then. Sudeep bhaiya ki shaadi hai, can't believe it. Woh itne bade ho gaye hai, unki shaadi ho rahi hai. Bhabhi, wonder if I should call her that cause she is the same age as me, is very sweet, pretty and just like bhaiya, mast. And they both are crazy in love with each other. Things like these kinda restore my belief in aranged marriages.
10 more days to go for something else also. My birthday ..:D I know I'll feel real sad and depressed that day, cause I'll realize that I have become so old :(, but still I wait for the day.
uhm so how was my day today ? Can say good and nice in some ways and otherwise in other ways.
The most difficult thing to do in life is to accept people around you in the way they are. Even if we understand this fact we still cannot accept it. No one can do it 100%. We at some point or other want people to change their behaviour/reaction towards certain (or more) things. And I, by some stroke of luck, am blessed with having majority of such people arround me.
BTW did I mention I live next to the beach, cool isn't it ..??? yeah it is. The crowd on weekdays is kinda okiez, so one can even stay out alone on the beach till late. And there is no other better way to gather your thoughts and to do some soul searching than strolling on the beach. And you can never get bored there, with so many people around you.
Abrupt ending......

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